What questions should I ask when deciding on which electric vehicle charging station to choose?

July 30, 2021

What vehicle am I thinking about buying and what is the range?

  • Is it a full battery electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid (PHEV)? (You may want to consider a higher powered station if you are purchasing a longer range (300 mi) vehicle)

How far is my typical drive?  Do I have charging available for me at my destination/workplace?

Do I have a place to install a Level 2 Station?  (Do I have a dedicated parking location?  Where would I locate the station?)

Do I have to ask someone’s permission to install a Level 2 Station?  (e.g., Home Owners Association, Landlord)

Do I have capacity in my electrical panel?

  • Quick check:  Do you have two spaces next to each other on your electrical panel?
  • Quick check:  Most electricians/station installers will provide a free estimate!