What is a smart station and what are other features/functionality I should think about when selecting a station?

July 30, 2021

Smart Station

  • Programmable (some vehicles have this capability)
  • Wi-fi or Bluetooth w/ smart phone, maybe Alexa/Siri compatible
  • May be able to participate in utility programs in the future

Uses Industry leading standards

  • Open Charge Point Protocol – OCPP – Can be used with other networks in the future, additional features in future
  • ISO 15118 – Additional features/capabilities in the future

Highest Power Level for your electrical panel

  • Station will only provide as much power as the vehicle is capable of accepting
  • Vehicles are upgrading their battery capacity all the time

Advanced Features

  • Power Share/load levelling – if you have or may have more than one station
  • Programmable — Power level of station