What information can I share with my Home Owners Association or Landlord to open a dialogue about installing EV charging stations?

July 7, 2021

EV Charging Stations are quickly becoming an amenity that people expect as they are looking at their options to rent or to maintain their residence at an apartment or condo complex. It is a differentiator from other sites and demonstrates the Management is forward-thinking both from the perspective of meeting the residents’ needs as well as having a commitment to the environment as EV adoption continues to grow.

In Peachtree Corners, almost half of all residents rent or lease their home. In addition, EV charging does not increase utility bills significantly and there are options for either charging tenants a monthly access free or charging a per-use fee to cover the cost of the charge. (See answer on utility bill increase for more information.)

There are a wide variety of charging station options that allow for a more cost-effective station installation and make the decision for management easier. Some options to consider include:

  • Giving the resident/condo owner permission to install their own station. This is an especially good option if parking spaces are assigned to an individual unit.
  • Allowing a 3rd party network permission to install and manage stations at the location
  • Consider installation of Access Only stations that don’t require wi-fi or a network to run the stations

The Department of Energy provides additional information for both the resident and the HOA/Landlord.